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So, you're ready to hang. But how?

A simple way to hang multiple photos quickly and professionally!

We all know about driving a nail in the wall to hang a picture, but this method has a few drawbacks: holes in the wall, the need to place the nail in just the right spot, low weight capacity, and the need to make even more holes in the wall if you want to add or move photos.

Recently, as I was preparing for my display booth at Peoria Second Saturdays, I came across the Stas hanging system. This is a brilliant way to create a dynamic, easy to configure wall gallery. The photos hang on little "zipper" hooks

which you slide up and down a plastic or metal cable. The cables hang from a variety of mounts;

you can mount a single rail across the top of a wall and then never need to worry about the handyman part again,

or if you already have molding you can use the hooks I bought for my display and forego the handyman part altogether!

Once you determine the way to hang your cables, the rest is as simple as moving the cable from left to right and moving the zipper up and down the cable.

I don't get anything from these guys for the recommendation. I just thought I'd share my "find" with the rest of y'all so when you come to my booth and buy all my prints, you'll have an easy way to display them nicely! Below is how a small sample looks on the Stas system. It took me 20 minutes to hang them.

See you Saturday! I will be right in front of Iron Key Studio, located at 8301 W Washington St, Peoria AZ 85345.

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